D M Mills

D M Mills

D M Mills

We have been very fortunate to have the support of Janita working with our international headquarters in London providing PR and marketing support. Working with her and SSS, we are collaborating on a Membership scheme for those working on Olympic, World Cup and other International Major Sporting Events. To have the support of Janita, given her background and skills, has been invaluable. Janita is flexible, dynamic, highly responsive and never misses a deadline which is very challenging given the difference in time zones.

The task has not been easy as we have had to incorporate the needs of corporate clients albeit that the majority of our network are SMEs with different needs. The messaging, approach to communication and insights about how best to position our scheme has been a resounding success. I have no hesitation in endorsing Janita’s work and recommending her to prospective clients whether Australia based or Internationally.

– D M Mills, Chief Executive at Major Events International & Chairman Major Events Global Network, Major Events International


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