Six PR Tactics you can use today


1. Start an electronic newsletter.

Writing a simple one-page newsletter to be emailed to your database on a monthly basis is a great way to promote your business and keep your name top of mind to your customers. Keep the content brief but useful to your client base. For example, you could feature a quick article on something new that will save them time or money; a short piece on a feature of your business and another on introducing a staff member. Don’t forget to add in your all-contact details and social media icons and a short description of your business. Schedule it in to send it out monthly and start building your data base to include prospective customers too. Using a system like MailChimp will make it easy and if you can’t master the template system its easy to find someone to help you for less than $100 (or contact PR Services Online).

2. Start a social media page.

Not had time to start a Facebook page or a Twitter account? Start one today! It won’t take long. Use good quality images and logos for your business and ensure you fill out all the profile information. Using a content calendars, set up a schedule of posts in advance then start building your following by following others or setting up a small advertising campaign. Don’t forget to add in some inspirational posts for sharing.

3.Send journalists a gift.

Journalists are constantly sent media releases and story pitches. Why not choose the journalists most relevant to your business and just send them a gift? UK Mexican restaurant Benito’s Hat sent out breakfast burritos to some of London’s main radio stations which resulted in the restaurant receiving many on air mentions for their troubles.

What do you have that could make a journo’s day?

4. Join a business network

Get out of your comfort zone, meet new contacts and find more business leads and referrals. Its amazing how new opportunities open up when you take the time to step outside and meet some new people. It’s great PR for you and you get to talk about what you do to new people. You never know what you will find comes your way when you venture into new circles. Don’t forget your business cards.

5. Do something new

How long has it been since you added a new service to your business or repackaged an old one? Tie it in with something topical and you may have a great story for press. E.g. with the increase in home break in’s in the East Ringwood location, Apple Security have introduced a new security package for the elderly. They recently launched the package and hosted free morning tea at the local Senior Citizens Club where they gave a talk on living securely over 60.

6. Show your support.

If you can afford it, sponsoring an event, charity or sporting club can introduce you to a whole new market and put your business in the spotlight. Even donating a raffle prize to a local school will give you the opportunity to promote your business name and service. Leave your business cards on display, ensure you get a mention in the marketing of the event, go along and meet with the winners. If you want to splash out a substantial amount investigate what sponsorship packages are on offer with sporting teams – signage, introductions and advertising can be a worthwhile component of a sponsorship deal. But don’t pay and disappear – you need to work with your club to make it a win/win partnership.


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