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Everyone is on social media these days. And if they’re not, they should be. The main social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest offer the small business owner and start-up the perfect opportunity to easily create strong brand awareness and with little or even no cost.

You get to talk about what you want when you want, and more importantly you get to understand your customers wants and needs and build relationships with them, if you’re smart!

I’m often asked ‘why bother’ with social. Many business owners still don’t see the point. But there is so much to be gained and it gives you an opportunity to be out in front of your customers regularly – so when they are ready to buy, you are the business they think of first.

Social media provides a personally tailored trades, services and supplier directory if you like, where you can select to hear from those businesses you are interested in on a regular basis.

I love watching people ‘perform’ on social media and am often in admiration of the diverse and clever ways some of my favourites communicate to their followers. The best ones are subtle, genuine and diverse but always on brand.

The key to their success is never constantly selling – in fact some of them never sell anything! They may suggest they have something to offer but it is never misplaced advertising or shoving their wares down your throat. It’s subtle. Elegant. Stylish. Frequently Inspirational. Here are some of my favourites, check them out:

Christophe Choo – a Beverly Hills real estate agent. Christophe amazes me with his ability to cover many social media channels and still maintain a genuine feel. Through his feeds on most platforms including Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest, you get a glimpse of his life, his loves, his passions and every so often he might mention a great house he is selling. But he’s not trying to sell it to you – he’s just trying to show it to you because this house is so great, why wouldn’t you be interested in having a peek on line? Clever, clever … I can’t afford a Beverly Hills mansion but if I could, I would definitely speak to Christophe!

Colette Werden – Australian stylist Colette Werden is building an admirable brand through her consistent and elegant social media feeds. She shares tips and gives glimpses of the journeys she has been on with her clients, whose identities are mostly kept private. And it is all about her clients – as opposed to herself. Through social media Colette paints pictures of her clients and their style adventures. Her comments enables her audience to connect and identify with the women she works with.

The Joye – Paula Joye was formerly the editor of Cleo, Madison and Shop Til You Drop fashion magazines. Definitely a person in the know when it comes to fashion and lifestyle, Paula has built up a solid brand through her blog and use of social media platforms. She shares her daily fashion choices, lets you in on the hottest bargains and offers some wonderful insider information on the fashion world. A fabulous online diary of her life!

These are just three of my favourites but there are literally thousands of fantastic social media identities to explore. Follow them, study them, what are they doing right? What can you learn from their success?


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