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Perfect for those businesses that want a little bit more

When you join PR Services Online you also have the option of customising your membership with PR Services Offline package and adding in fee for service components. These components are perfect for those businesses that want a little bit more or have a specific need and are without the resources to implement a program.

PR Services Offline Include:

PR and Marketing Audit

We look in-depth at what you are already doing and provide relevant expert feedback and recommendations on how you can improve, change and redevelop for better results.

PR and Marketing Strategy Development

We develop a detailed strategy with action items and timelines to support your business objectives.

Social media set up and training

No time to set up social media? Not sure if you are doing it right? Can’t see the point? We can put in a program for you and train your staff.

PR & Social Media Coaching

An ongoing or specified length coaching program to provide senior experience and guidance for your PR staff.

Brand Workshop

Create your brand essence and drive your marketing forward with purpose. A brand workshop will ensure you know exactly what your brand is and what it stands for, providing you with a platform to base all your marketing and PR efforts.

Social Media Management

Have your daily social media posts professionally developed and uploaded.

Tailored PR campaigns

Crisis Management

Specific PR and marketing policy development


If what you want isn’t here talk to us about your needs and how we can tailor something just for you and your business.

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