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Some of the ways you can use PR Services Online

2Ever wanted to get some feedback on the new marketing letter you’ve just drafted? Or wanted to have someone draft it up quickly for you?

Ever been curious about how you can get your business noticed more in social media but have no ideas to develop a strategy let alone run it?

Love to know how you can boost your business profile with the media but think that only large businesses can do that?

Think you need to respond to a potentially damaging incident either in the media or online and not sure how to manage it?

Maybe you have an up and coming PR person that needs a more senior person to guide them from time to time

Want some advice on your current PR activities? Thinking you have a story to tell but not sure what media to contact? Maybe you want some feedback on your latest marketing or media plan?

Need to draft a media release but have no idea how to start. Use our template then send it through for feedback to make sure its flawless

Not sure who to contact in the media? We can provide you with your own tailored list compiled from up to date information worldwide.

Thinking of a plan to promote your public image but not sure where to start? We can work with you to develop a tailored plan, which will see you in front of the people you need to know more often. Increase your profile with a plan that takes in all kinds of activities and ensure you are regularly getting the publicity you need.

Need to communicate with your community? We have experience in community engagement and can develop a plan with you to touch the people you need to communicate with.

Crisis and reputation management – with experience in managing crises, you can rest assured the any dramas will be soundly and appropriately advised upon to give your business the best outcome.

Skilled coaches that can work to mentor your staff members – qualified staff coaches to help bring your staff up to a level of high standard, we teach them how to be the best PR people around

Celebrity Ambassador, Patron and Mascot strategy, recruitment and management – our experience in selecting and engaging ambassadors will give you an added bonus

Fundraising campaign design and management – we make sure your marketing campaigns are linked and leveraged

Event creation and management – we know the best event designers and managers in town, you get less of the stress and more of the dollars.

Volunteer PR program design, implementation and training – harness the power of your volunteers by giving them the right tools and watch your PR coverage sky-rocket!

Media Coaching – not sure how what to say, concerned your staff aren’t aware of proper media etiquette? We’ve trained 100’s of volunteers and senior managers how to avoid foot-in-mouth!

Learn how to build business relationships with the creation of new corporate and other relationships – extensive networks that lead to increased revenue


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