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Without a relationship with your public your business won’t survive

Good PR creates relationships that will help your business grow

Without a relationship with your public your business won’t survive, you can’t improve your offerings, increase sales and retain clients and customers. Good PR creates relationships that will help your business grow, you are telling the people that are crucial to your success and business growth about what you have that they need – and more importantly you are relating to them in a way that makes them feel they need you and want to buy from you or use your services. Without PR you risk fading into the background, just another business or services with no unique selling proposition. With PR you can also strengthen your relationships and improve your brand image. If you want to be ‘just one of the crowd’ try running a business without a good PR strategy or marketing plan.

For phone advice on how to handle your new product launch. For email feedback on your latest media release or brochure copy. For a checklist to guide you through your next event. For a brainstorming session to help you crank up your sales. To get urgent advice on how to handle something negative on your Facebook page. To get some tips on how to run Twitter. To learn from case studies on other businesses and their PR programs. To ensure you have the right kind of policy in place to protect your business against staff misusing social media. To find out how to reach the journalists that write about your product. The reasons are endless. If it’s something to do with promoting your business you can call us. It’s simple, it’s efficient, it respects you as a business owner, and it provides you with support and professional advice and guidance of how to market you business through public relations. Most of all, its low cost so even a small start up can afford it.

For more clues on what you may need us for check out this link of ideas!

Sole traders

Small business

Medium business

Large businesses that have PR staff which may need a more senior adviser to guide them

This is where your service really kicks in. Once you are using the templates you can contact your advisor to review what you have done and check that your media release, marketing letter, brochure or web copy – whatever it may be – is up to scratch and hitting the right target.


Businesses that are confident about their programs and just want a little help occasionally and access to templates.Those that are just starting out and want a budget priced PR service to guide them.


You are pretty good at this PR and marketing game but aiming to build your business with some robust plans. You need more!


Perfect for a new business who is ready to take off and/or a business that is regularly using PR and marketing tools. You are ready to power to the next level with ongoing, planned action.

Gold/Diamond/Platinum Custom Program

Chose from either the Gold, Diamond or Platinum packages and customize it with PR Service Off Line Packages.

Exactly what our names says! A PR service that you can access easily online all year around.   Services provided will include:

  • Downloadable tools, checklist and templates, how-to guides and more to support you as your market and promote your business.
  • A PR Services Hotline – advice specific to your business, an experienced PR professional to guide you and advise you as well as help you produce the best plans and marketing materials.
  • Your own PR & marketing advisor.
  • A monthly newsletter to help you build your business through PR and marketing.

The reason our services are so reasonably priced is due to the fact we do our business on the phone or via email. For those that would like to have face-to-face meetings an hourly fee would be quoted – this can also be incorporated in a customised package on request.

Each package allows a specific number of emails and phone calls per year. If you find you need more contact we can talk about repackaging your service to suit.

PR Services Online is run by Janita Friend (see bio here) who has had over 25 years of professional public relations experience for national and international organisations. Read testimonials from those who she has worked for here.

If you are having trouble accessing any templates contact the hotline or email for prompt assistance. NB: These calls will not be taken from your yearly membership quota.

No, no other costs to pay just your membership fee, which will be paid as a direct debit from your selected account each month. If you decide to select a service from the PR Services Off Line section these will be charged separately and this will be discussed with you and a quote provided in writing before services commence.

If making one payment up front for the service is easier for you we can accommodate this payment method.



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