Why PR Services Online?

I’ve always loved helping people to think differently

and I’ve always loved PR and marketing

Over the years I have met many small and medium sized business owners who are working hard and are passionate about their business but are confused as to what low cost PR and marketing activities they could use to take their business to a higher level. Sometimes they really do know what they need but they just don’t have the confidence in their plans – or they really need professional guidance but are not financial enough to buy in a PR service.

There was usually a pattern and that pattern was all about not having enough resources and not enough expertise in the area of PR and marketing to juggle the promotional side of business with its core purpose.

They knew that they were sorely in need of a consistent PR and marketing program but lacked the time and skills to put one together and then drive it.

Their efforts were often spasmodic with no real way of evaluating what was working and why and building on those successes. Sometimes all they needed was an expert opinion and some tweaking to head them in a new direction that would gain them massive new results.

This is why I developed PR Services Online – it’s for those companies that want good solid PR and marketing advice and guidance on a regular basis but aren’t ready for an in-house staff member or a high cost agency.

PR Services Online is the perfect answer for those stuck with where to go next and how to do it. Why not try it out and see how it can boost your business?

Janita Friend,


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