Susan Dimasi

Iconic brand to create Collins Street ‘one stop cultural shop’ with a series of rotating events and the opportunity to view a couturier at work
Fulfilling the request of a long line of devoted clients already converted to the iconic handwriting of Melbourne based luxury brand, MATERIALBYPRODUCT, 
the artisan fashion house will launch new premises at No.12 Collins Street on February 17th with a week of special signature celebrations and a unique offer to the public to view behind the closed door of an established couturier.

Labeled a genius (by Maxine Van-Cliffe Arakawa, globally renowned founder of Maxine Digital Magazine, fashion director and editor, stylist and model), MATERIALBYPRODUCT creative director, Susan Dimasi, is not simply content to create beautiful clothes. Her new atelier and showroom will also be the hub of cultural activity where regular breakfast, lunch and cocktail hour sessions focusing on the art of couture crafting will fall into place side by side with private collection showings, creating a cultural ‘one stop shop’ in the CBD.


Dimasi has forged a successful career building a strong, heritage brand that is often referred to as one of fashion’s ‘best kept secrets”. The new atelier opening follows hot on the heels of two international campaigns and entry into UAE and Japanese arenas. Her style is unique as it is meticulous, and her pieces have drawn admiration from all corners of the globe. Dressing the woman who appreciates the opportunity to be dressed directly by the designer and are drawn to the luxury of having a beautiful, well crafted, piece of clothing that no one else has, her clients have included international performer Bjork along with women from the arts and corporate worlds. “The women I dress are at a stage in life where they can afford to buy Chanel or Dior, but are searching for something different, something other’s will admire and covet,” explained Dimasi. “They know that they are able to buy a heritage brand while is it is still young, and have that unique experience of owning a work of art, where they are continually delighted by the discovery of new details as well as the ‘live in luxury’ appeal that makes MATERIALBYPRODUCT garments so distinctive”.

MATERIALBYPRODUCT, will launch the new atelier along with the new season’s Magnolia collection with three unique events; Nouvelle, Classique & Cool – between 18th – 23rd February.

Information on the events and MATERIALBYPRODUCT is herewith.

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